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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
It's a little known fact that Adam was not the first man God created. There was Bill, who drowned while trying to swim across a raging torrent just to prove that he could. Joe, who thought he was killed by a grizzly bear because he thought he was strong enough to wrestle it to the ground and Steve who died trying to saddle a rhino. God shrugged and created Adam. But when God saw Adam poking at a rattle snake with a stick, God put him to sleep, stole one of his ribs and created Eve.
When Adam decided to try to swim across the raging river, Eve said ' Whoa' why don't you come into the hut for awhile instead. And when Adam wanted to wrestle the grizzly bear, Eve said 'Whoa' I want you to build me a new hut with a bigger kitchen. And when Adam wanted to saddle the rhino Eve said 'Whoa' you need to take care of these kids while I go pick some fruit. And Adam said "Eve, you are a real whoa-man' and it is thanks to her and all the wo-men since that the human race has survived.

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