who wants to be on the side of the democrats

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Mar 9, 2004
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it seems like every time you turn around the demos are against any thing that has to do with morals, ethics or God. if you dont believe me, just watch the news.

and... it is not a secret, our enemies want them voted in, so that makes me ask, why?

and... today i see on the news where the same sex ban on marriage failed, because the republicans couldnt get enough votes up... (little demo support) problem is, too many think they know what marriage should be instead of letting it be what God made it to be.

so, who wants to be a demo? beats me, but we seem to be on a roller coaster to diaster unless we wake up.

i will get off the soap box, but had to vent..

I'm a big fan of less government so if people want to be homosexuals and they are consenting adults, that's fine. When I was a contractor, I worked for a guy who was gay. I knew him for quite a while before I found out he was gay and he seemed pretty normal. It still gave me the heebee geebees one morning when I went to his house and met his 'partner' standing in his bathrobe. i couldn't help thinking afterwards that he was walking a little funny. To call this kind of homosexual partnership a marriage, though, I disagree with. The English language was made in England and what right do we as north Americans to redefine it. The issue to the homos and those that support them is that them getting married should have no affect on the rest of us, but it is a slippery slope that leads inevitably to immorality and the erosion of the fabric of our society. What's next? The acceptance of sex with children or animals. We already have people trying to argue that child porn has artistic merit. only 30 years ago, homosexual acts were illegal. Now they are not only legal but condoned by a large percentage of the population. What will happen in the next 30 years. My hope is that the pendulum is almost done swinging left and that people will eventually get sick of all the 'in your face' left wingers that keep flaunting themselves. Then you will see a strengthening of morals and a return to sanity and morality in our society. Here's hoping.
If you want my opinion, it will get worse before it gets better. I don't think the pendulum has quit swinging left. I think we'll be seeing more sexual perversions, more violence, more wars, and generally more acts that would be considered evil, before anything gets better.

How has society plunged so far from where the constitution originally placed us? The reason is that the founders of our country believed in God, and acknowledged God in all things. They never wanted God out of schools, for example, they just didn't want government to enact religious laws.

My opinion.

And how sad it is that we, as a society, have let that opposite side take such a strong hold.
monkeywerkz":261c3j8s said:
And how sad it is that we, as a society, have let that opposite side take such a strong hold.
It all started when the Federal Government took God out of the schools.
Actually, it started before that, that's why God was taken out of the schools
by the liberal Democraps. :cry: :cry:
What the democrats don't understand is that we conservatives don't want to push any religion on any person, we just want the original ideals and values that the founders of our great country thought were valuable. We don't want anything more than what the original founding fathers had.

The entire reason America has been so successful and so blessed up until now is because, for the most part, people had acknowledged the existence of God and acknowledge his hand in all things, regardless of particular religious sects. Now, take that acknowledgement and gratitude away and I wonder how long America will still be successful and blessed.

This is starting to sound like a church lesson, and it wasn't intended to be. I just think the liberals in our country, and many of those who call themselves conservatives, would do well to remember how and why we have this great country.

- Richard
The left wing is big on tolerance and patience. Being tolerant sounds like a virtue but it is not a good thing. It's just another word for letting things slide. Some American programs such as Jerry Springer and Maury Povich feed this tolerance problem. People watch these shows and compare the freaks on the show to their freakish neighbors and so the neighbors don't look so bad after this and they let it slide. The media is also no help, constant reports of pedophiles and homosexuals and other sexual perversions, make even the worst of people look pretty normal by comparison. So people let it slide. As i've said its a slippery slope, but eventually the system can only support a certain amount of these unemployed, welfare loving, left wing freaks and then either the civilization will collapse or drastic action will need to be taken. Hope its sooner rather than later.
You are right, the system can only support so many. Seems like many would rather collect unemployment and other government benefits than find a job. Of course, as long as the government is giving, many will be the takers. Why bite the hand that feeds you, right?

My opinion is that families and churches should be the source for help in hard times, not the government. The federal government should not be involved in every aspect of our lives. The government should protect the citizens, and collect only enough taxes to do so. They shouldn't have their fingers in education, welfare, gun control, the sanctity of marriage, and many other things that should be left untouched. I guess I am a believer in small government.

- Richard

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