Who manages the House Managers?

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Our political system is so broken I don't know how you even begin to fix it. If you like Trump or not, it'd take a blind man to not realize the political system was working against him from day one, both sides. That to me tells you how broke the system is when an outsider can't be a part of it. Our politicians are so corrupt and believe they are above us while we are the ones writing the checks. They're not our leaders, they're our servants, and it's about time they start acting like it.
A few things we should strive for to start correcting this:
1.) Term limits (and you don't just get to jump from one political position to another, should be a limit on that also)
2.) Do away with all lobbying
3.) Find a better system for campaign funds, and a limit on the amount that can be raised ( those big contributions come with owed favors)
4.) Return most power to the states, federal government can't make one size fits all laws. What works in Arkansas don't work in California and vice versa. If you want to live a more liberal life, move to a state that aligns with that,if you want to live more conservative you live in a state that aligns with that.This "everybody everywhere has to live like and agree with me stuff is ridiculous".
Why is Swalwell involved in anything that matters?
pelosi assigned him as manager simply because she knows that Trump wants him removed from the intelligence committee in the house. also Trump commented that he should be removed from the house all together for his relationship with a china spy. pelosi knows having him as the lead manager would make Trump pretty upset. has nothing to do with ability if any to lead an impeachment proceeding.
Term limits could only be approved by an amendment which would be voted on by those to whom it applies.. Good luck with that!!
By definition if you as an individual contact your representative you are in effect, lobbying. Doing away with sponsored or paid lobbyists maybe..
Campaign funding: legislatures make the laws. They are not going to kill the goose that lays the egg.
Return power to the States. The States have power under the 10th but don't have the gonads to apply. Blame liberal universities for that
The best hope for California is the San Andreas fault. I have more but why unload a wagon load of hay for one cow?

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