who makes the best round baler

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Personally I think that with every new series of balers that come out are better then the old ones. There is very little difference between them. Main thing is cost and a reliable dealer.

Were you talking hard or soft core?

Never heard of Krone tell me more.
frenchie--Cheapest!!-- Lot of good balers our there- and many are expensive. I always think the best brand is the one you were able to get the cheapest that works.

We are using a Deutz Alles softcore right now- It was several years old, but had only baled about 50 bales when found it at an auction- for $450- hadn't even worn the paint off the rollers. That was 3 years ago and we've put up about 1250 bales every year with it- only repairs have been a new drive chain (pricey- cost more than the baler) and some pickup teeth.

Had never used a softcore- but have found out that I never have any spoiled hay- can sure put it up wetter without spoiling- they allow the bale to breathe a little more- drawback is they are harder to roll out- center core just falls off in big hunk.
CB said:
Personally I think that with every new series of balers that come out are better then the old ones. There is very little difference between them. Main thing is cost and a reliable dealer.

Were you talking hard or soft core?

Never heard of Krone tell me more

CB........It does,nt really matter to me if its hardcore or soft-core. We need to get a bigger baler. plus ours is almost wore out.

I was thinking about a New Holland chain baler or Vermeer,John Deere

Just wanted to see what everyone else is using.

OT .........where are you getting parts for that deutz-allis.I have a friend that has a hard time to find parts for his. :)
We have always used Hesston 5 x 6 hardcore balers. Two years ago we traded our 565A for a 856. This baler makes the heaviest bales I have ever handled. The 72" bales weigh 24 or 25 hundred pounds. So we started making 66" bales. We buy standing hay from the neighbours that don't have cattle any more and when we had a truck with a bale scale come out and some of those bales still weighed 2200 lbs and of the three different fields that we weighed not a single individual bale weighed under 2050 lbs.
Many of the balers are the same just painted different colors. So if like New Holland , Case are the same baler. So you can go between the two to get the best price. This is just not with those two. JD bought Hesston's belt patten.
The new balers with the double pickups work great!
So don't by the biggest baler, just because that is what you have always done. I think the heavy bales harder on your equipment and if you were to buy a 5 x 5 and the bales are a good weight you could save a few grand.

Good Luck. Shop around!
I sure won,t be buying anything new.Just a good used one.

Those heavy 856 bales were they alfalfa bales?

What you running that baler with? Approximate hp? :D
We are running it with a TV 140 (bi-directional) or some times a 1070 case. So about 110 HP! The heaviest were alfalfa but it did not matter from pure grass to alfalfa there was only 150 lb difference. We have been making about 1,500 - 2,000 bales the last few years so we replace our baler every 5 years. Used balers have there place. No doubt about it! But the new ones are so much easier to operate and make a more consistant perfect bale. Some times when I am driving I see bales out in the field and wonder what was that guy thinking? The bales don't look like they would even make home.
CB .........You are right its nice to have new.This is a bad time for us to have to replace a baler, Our cattle prices are horrible.

You know a lot depends on the operator as far as making bales.One of neighbours here, makes the worst bales. There is also not to many pickup teeth on his baler(duh). We all thought for yrs his baler was screwed,turns out he,s just too tight and not too bright.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do you have mesh wrap on your baler?
Don't tell me about bad prices! I reside in the province to the west of you. Yes we got mesh.

The operate does make a difference, but you should not be operating equipment if you can't run these new ones!

How is the hay crop and crops in general your way?

It has stopped rainning over here!

Howdy neighbour.

Why don,t you register....the majority of the people here are great..........

Very good hay crop the best in 5 yrs, crops look real good. :D :D This last rain put a lot of crop down though.Quit raining here this morning. Had over 4 inches.

Can you bale behind a rotary combine with that 856.
Well we have a TX 68 and I would say that the way Dad runs it beats the straw as bad as a rotary. The new balers with the second pickup or stuffer make a big difference. The straw the last few years has been so short and dry/brittle. Not typical straw. So you can be baling and the bale be fine. Then the shoulder will like slide off the bale, because the straw is so fine & dry.

What kind of cattle do you run? Why the username Frenchie?
We are currently running mostly british cattle mainly Angus,Hereford with a few simmental,gelbviehs sprinkled in. We will be using Galloway bulls over most of these cows in an effort to get our cow size down to 1100- 1200 lbs.The rest will be bred Angus. : :D

The nickname frenchie came from a dance ,.A fello there was running down an old girl friend of mine , because she was french-canadian.Anyways as i kicked his **** ,the crowd is yelling frenchie,frenchie.It kinda stuck after that,even though I,m only a 1/4 french.
I raise PB red angus and isn't 1100-1200 lbs a little small. It doesn't take much to make an 1100 lb cow. Are you reducing frame mainly? I understand that most smaller cows are more efficient. Just they get so narrow some times and I like deep bodied, long spined cattle.
I like deep bodied /easy fleshing cows as well,I hate pencil gutted and narrow cattle. but it is a challenge to find smaller framed cattle ,that fit the bill

I have had several 1600-1800 cows at one time or another.I honestly did,nt find them that much better for weaning weights.
I think that some smaller cows can out produce 1800 pounders. But the type of cattle that you describe as your type push the scale pretty easy. Unless your frame is really small it would be hard to maintain the 1100-1200 lb weight range that you desire.

They need to be a 4or 5 frame to fit that weight.And your right it don,t take much to get there.

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