Who Is Responsible for High Gasoline Prices

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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
"Thank the Democrat's for High Fuel Prices" 5-24-2004

Just to set the record straight, the high price of gasoline is due in large part to Democrat policies, not the current Administration. Liberal environmental laws or "standards" force oil companies to refine and produce "cleaner" burning fuel to appease Environmentalists that believe we are destroying our environment with automobile exhaust. These new refining requirements are costly, and as with any company, these costs are passed on to the consumer. Also, because of these environmental laws, there has not been a new oil refinery built in this country since 1976. Current law disallows building any new oil refineries, and on top of that, 19 U.S. refineries have closed down in the last 10 years alone! The older existing refineries are costly to maintain and to keep up to "standards."
Democrats are also opposed to drilling for oil here in America. Remember the hell they gave our President when he proposed drilling in Alaska? Because of this kind of foolish left-wing ideology, we are now almost completely dependent on the Middle East for oil.
If President Bush was "in" with "Big Oil" as they say, wouldn't it be logical for him, in an election year, to somehow lower the price of fuel? He can't do that, nor should he. Government should not interfere with business or engage in price control, that would be on a par with Socialism. That is not how our government is supposed to operate. Look at the areas of our business sector where government has experimented with that (i.e., farming) and look where those industries are today.
Prices are essentially set by the consumer, supply and demand. If we feel like prices are out of control, then we can make a statement by limiting our purchase of certain products, but in the case of fuel, that should also include limiting the kind of automobiles that we purchase, which would force automobile companies to consider making cars and trucks that are not as reliant on gasoline. As long as we're buying, why would auto companies change these vehicles on their own?
The truth is, there is nothing the President can do to lower fuel prices unless he could drill for more oil here in the states and repeal the environmental standards that have been set primarily by Democrat politicians. It is not the President's job to control prices, and oil companies are not solely to blame for the problem. At the end of the day it is Democrats that have, in a roundabout way, picked our pockets (once again) by appeasing to the Environmentalists that contribute big buck'$ to the DNC. I am just thankful to the President that he has afforded me tax cuts (which were also opposed by Democrats) that will help me to pay for my gas.

P.S. I guess the war in Iraq was not a "war for oil" after all, as Democrats have claimed. If that were the case, surely the President could control the price of fuel to ensure his reelection. Unless, of course, he's just been too busy with that whole 'ridding the world of terrorism' thing and he just forgot.
Saw this on another site & agree 99% BUT---- lets not get all democratic campaign promise. The middle east supplies about 20% What I like about the web and talk radio is all those sneaky details!
It's funny how you don't hear as much whining along the lines of "The only reason we're over there is for oil." The bellyachers seem to be coming down off their high horses. With prices around $2.00 some of the whiners must have decided there is a level where a dependable supply of oil is worth fighting over. Same with the tree huggers. Their complaints about "protecting" some remote hellhole on the north slope of Alaska that nobody ever goes to anyway aren't getting as much traction as before. Of course, some of the libs will still sniff accusations now and then. If not $2.00, where would they decide it's a worthy cause? $4.00? $6.00 per gallon?

eric":9ex4sy0f said:
Where do you come up with this be nice? Is there anything you can't blame on someone else?
It is just TRUTH!!!!!!!. If you don't like it, Who Cares.?????????
Eric likes to talk about the stock market in the tank; but it is mostly at the
level it was when President Bush took office. The peak was 10 Mo. before President Bush took office.
The NASDAQ should never have gotten to where it was on the high.
It was a big bubble that burst of its own weight.
The Russell 2000 is back to, within 10 points of its peak.
The DJIA is about the same level that it was when Pres. Bush became president of the U. S. of A.
The Stock Market was in a long term cyclical downturn when President Bush took off as President of the Great U. S. of A. and under his leadership, the stock market has made almost a complete rebound, except for the tech heavy NASDAQ which was completely overbought as the general public acted as though they couldn't buy Internet stocks fast enough.
Just out of curiosity, how much our we paying in taxes for each gallon that we buy??
I don't see any politicians R or D offering to lower that !!![/b]
State and federal taxes per gallon of gas vary quite a bit but, as I recall, the lowest is in the mid 30's and highest is in the mid 50's (cents per gallon). AOL had an article that showed the state by state total tax levy a few weeks back. If anybody wants to see the state by state listing I'm sure a google search will get you the info.

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