Who are your favorite singers/bands?

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certherfbeef":3mb3xf9t said:
Chris LeDoux, George Straight, Earl Thomas Connely, TG Sheppard
All good ones. Plus Mark Chesnutt,George Jones,Don Edwards,Bob Wills Clint Black and Vern Gosdin.
rbell":33o24zt8 said:
Hank (the real one), Jimmy Rogers (the real one), Patsy CLine

These are classics. Must add Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride.

the eagles, tom petty, gary allan, dan seals, merle haggard, willie nelson, lynyrd skynyrd, john anderson, ...
Too many favorites to list. HOWEVER the Dixie Chick would NOT be on my list.
Strait, Kieth, LeDoux, Trace Adkins, and quite a few more, but the Dixie Chicks are nowhere in sight I change the station when they come on...
I guess I'm a real oddball, for I have really like just about all types of music except that I can't stand Jazz, other than a little Dave Brubeck (and I don't consider rap and hip hop to be "music"). For C & W I really like Toby K., some of the earlier George Strait and the "old Possum", as well as the original Hank W.

J. Baxter, I guess I'll join you up against the wall for the firing squad: Aerosmith, Jefferson Airplane and Pat Benetar have always been favorites of mine. But when I'm dog tired after a 14 hour day I like to recline in a huge easy chair, drink a beer, turn out all the lights and meditate to the sounds of The Moody Blues

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