white under eyes

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I'm new to this but I have a heifer that looked fine yesterday but to day she has what looked like white matter in the corner of hor eyes. She will have her first calf within 6 weeks.What is this in her eyes how to treat?
She is in the small pasture with 3 other heifers they look fine.
Probably just some dried ocular discharge. I wouldn't worry about it if she was mine, unless it's worse tomorrow. If you feel you must do something, wipe it out and see if it comes back. If you're really worried, you might take her temp while you've got her up to clean her eyes out. My experience is: good appetite, no fever, no NASAL discharge, no problema. Could be something as innocuous as allergies (hers) or anxiety (yours). Good luck and try not to worry so much.
If she is in tall grass such as fescue it could be irritating her eyes , if eyes start watering I would watch out for pink eye could cause blindness.