white scours

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does anybody know the cause of white scours? I have a calf (approx 7 wks old) Just noticed a whitish stool, should I be concerned? Her mother has been eating grass, the snow has finally starting melting. Could this be nutritional scours? Any help would be appreciated. Jackie

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I'm not sure what you mean by "nutritional scours." Does the calf have a liquid stool? Is he humped up and looking like he doesn't feel well, or is he eating & playing normally?

I don't know if there is a bacteria, virus or parasite that can cause white stools in calves, but I can tell you what happened to us once. Our calves were healthy & eating normally, had no diarrhea, but their stools were white. After a couple of weeks, I finally discovered the cause. They had found a bag of cement in a shed, and could just get their heads in far enough to lick the cement. We removed the broken bag of cement and no more white stools! Hope yours is as simple a solution.

Rafter L Murray Greys

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