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Arnold Ziffle

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Dec 30, 2003
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southwest of Houston, Texas
Craig's recent posting about Boudreaux brought to mind a recent and somewhat unnerving experience of mine:

I was chain sawing a bunch of Chinese Tallow trees that were growing in a boggy and tall grassy area that was still pretty wet from all the recent rain. As I hurried along, not really paying much attention to the ground, out of the corner of an eye I caught sight of a big, fat cottonmouth VERY near my feet. I have seen many snakes on my place over the years, mostly harmless rat snakes and such. But in this case it took my brain about a nanosecond to tell my legs "hey boy, that ain't no rat snake!!" (with my apologies to you grammarians). I immediately jumped about five feet into the air and to the side and am happy to say that I didn't get popped. For the first year or two after buying my place, when chain sawing in the woods I always wore a pair of cordura snake-proof chaps due to concerns about copperheads. However, I have long since quit wearing the chaps since almost all the snakes I saw were harmless, and in really hot weather the chaps certainly add to the discomfort level --- but I may have to re-think that decision.

To TexasHart and others in rattler country (or to all those that get out and about in snake country, especially down south and out west) : $50 spent on a pair of snake-proof chaps would be money well spent.
I’m in rattler country sure enough. Among the many other types of snakes we have are prairie runners. They get well over six feet and can look like a rattler at first glance, especially in poor light or heavy cover. Like the old boy said, they won’t hurt you but they sure can make you hurt yourself!

Your lucky Arnold.

In Arkansas it is against the law to kill snakes. I'm a law abiding citizen for most part, but I've broken the law about a dozen times this spring alone due to those cottermocassins. I'd rather fight a bear than deal with a hidden cottonmouth.

Timber Rattlers are the worst of the lot they lay there not moving no warning . They will let you step right in the middle of them.
was riding with friend of dad's when a kid, He was in charge of a FED waterfowl area. slammed on brakes jumped out of truck(with the agency stickers on the doors) and bashed a moccasin with a shovel in the middle of the gravel road. seemed real sensible to me.

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