which ones?

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Some Girls Do by Sawyer Brown. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. Sweet Home, Simple Man and Free Bird by Lynard Skynard
Black Betty, makes me jump out of the truck and dance in the middle of the road. :lol:
Too many to list.

Bringing Mary Home (Country Gentlemen)
Me and God (Josh Turner and Ralph Stanley)
Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen)
Rhapsody in Blue (George Gershwin)
Boogey Woogey Bugle Boy (Andrews Sisters)
You're my home (Billy Joel)
Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)

The list is endless.

m-m-m-my sharona.....can't believe the car speakers have survived that one so many times!

Pride n Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Seven Bridges Road, the Eagles

And don't scoff, but there's something about John Denver's music that seems to put me in a good mood.
Mud on the Tires-Brad Paisley
Older Women are Beautiful Lovers
I'll Fly Away
Don't Stop Believing- Journey
Roll With the Changes- REO Speedwagon
Some of mine are "Sweet Home Alabama" by Kid Rock
'"It's not Over Tonight" By Maroon 5
"I Love Rock n Roll" BY Joan Jett
"Badlands" Bruce Springsteen
FarmGirl10":ez8f9gjb said:
Black Betty, makes me jump out of the truck and dance in the middle of the road. :lol:
me too! :lol2:
i like all of the older country songs like johnny, hank, patsi, loretta, and such.
but a little less conversation by elvis vs. jfk makes me dance around.
We got some weird looks when people drove past when we were dancing. Pretty much an Chris LeDoux song makes me feel good though. Plus a few Corb Lund songs like The Truck Got Stuck, Time to Switch to Whiskey, Hurtin Albertan, and Hair in my Eyes Like a Highland steer.

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