Which bull do you like better?

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Jun 8, 2004
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I bought 18 heifers out of these two bulls.
Brown Vacation
Glacier Chateau [img]http://cridata.crinet.com/beef/images/animals/ar878b.jpg[/img]
i like number 2 better for those same reasons plus i just like the looks of him better.
While they both appear to be very nice bulls, I'd opt for the older bull as he appears to have more length. That being said, I'd also like a peek at the EPDs...even though numbers can be manipulated to some degree it would be interesting to see what they have to say about each animal.

Take care.
I like bull#2. He seems to be bigger boned, straighter toped, and thicker.
I like Glacier better, I've seen some of his daughters and they are great looking cattle. Glacier is heavier muscled and more appealing also
I hate to be different, but I am...

I like the first bull better.
He looks like he is a 3yr old in that picture.
I think he would be better than the older bull at the same age.
He has a little Leachman look to him.

I'm not saying anybodys wrong...
I'm just different.

Bull # 2 looks better, but genetic info like Dun referred to might change your mind. After all it's what he throws moreso than how he looks right?
Vacation and Chateau are both Genex bulls. I have sons of chateau and one of vacations. A neighbor who used to be the Genex rep used vacation a lot. I prefer the muscleing of chateaus calves. After seeing the neighbors calves, I still prefer him over vacation. But I do have a couple of cows bred to vacation this year.

I like them both. The Chateau bull looks more muscled, however it may just be a better photograph angle.
I spoke with the guy today that used a lot of vacation and chateau. He said he is really kind of disappointed in the vacation calves (muscleing) in comparison to the chateau calves with one exception. He feels that the vacation calves out of his chataeu daughters are some of the best calves he has this year.


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