Where's the Time Gone?

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Mar 29, 2006
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I just noticed something today...

It's my 3rd year anniversary since I signed on to Cattle Today.

Time sure has flown by since then.... :compute:

Things have changed since then as well....quite a few things, as a matter of fact....

And boy have I learned a lot!!! I know I've developed a thicker skin in the process since my first time on here...

And, once again, learned more than I ever imagined: for example, EPDs, conformation, who's more likely to BS and who isn't, how to develop my CT bull$%^t radar detector, among a host of others.

I know, you're probably thinking, "what's the big deal? Folks like dun, Caustic and Frankie have been on here longer'n you..."

But hey, it's just something I noticed today. No matter how big a deal it is. :)

Edit to add: it's not quite my anniversary yet, it's about 9 hrs &14 min away. But what the heck.
You may get a big check for the 3rd year. :lol: :lol: :lol: That's what i heard .
I read all your posts so stay around for a lot of years. :nod:

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