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Jan 28, 2006
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Interesting story. A lot of bribe money is changing hands. If you prefer here is a link.
http://www.organicconsumers.org/article ... _17332.cfm

or here is the story.

NAIS: Mother Of All Ag Bribes

* Press Release
By Darol Dickinson
NAIS Stinks, March 21, 2009
Straight to the Source

Attached is the USDA spread sheet for NAIS bribes---- sanitized as cooperative agreements. These are the funds received by tribes, states, government employees and companies who promise to enroll properties for USDA. Listed is only a scintilla of the cost. Every veterinarian, county extension agent, and ASCS office employee has been coerced to distribute NAIS literature and "speak kindly" about enrolling. The real cost is well above published data required by law. There are millions being spent monthly. Check it out at (http://www.usaspending.gov/index.php)

The National Pork Board got their trough filled with $800,000. That is why USDA tapped them for the emphatic NAIS report to the Subcommittee hearing March 11. The hogs are bought. In the funeral business these are called "rental pallbearers." (Not about friendships, just money for the moment.)

FFA got $359,995 to sign up their kids before they could show at fairs. The hesitant children who refuse are considered rebels and malcontents.

American Angus Assn got $594,585 to hammer the horns off their members. They also used the $$ to hammer enrollments from non AAA member Angus clients of AAA members who did not surrender to NAIS.

The Holstein Assn made a bold strong testimony at the hearing. They stuck $1,754,428 in the milk bucket so they were glad to brag about NAIS before Congress. Their milk drinking political wing National Milk Producers Assn stuck $1,027,000 in the milk tank from USDA. That is why dairies were forced to enroll property or they could not sell their milk. They closed down numerous Amish dairies with this dirty heartless trick.

Notice the Indian tribes are the most numerous to have coins placed in their teepees? The tribal leaders cut the deals with USDA and automatically listed tribe members who had livestock. The numbers are jumbled together so you can't locate the total Indian enrollments. (Some Indian tribes have tribal managed herds so every tribe member receives a percentage of the income. This would let every tribe member unknowingly enroll in NAIS.)

USDA gets to collect and govern the Beef Checkoff millions. The state groups and numerous hands that get these $$$ all promote NAIS. They all love NAIS? The Beef Checkoff should not be collected and managed by USDA? USDA has habitual holes in their bucket.

Massachusetts has a 227% property sign up. The Ag Census reports that the US has over 3,910,022 farms that qualify to enroll in mandatory NAIS. USDA says there are 1.4 million. Therefore, when they get 100% sign-up there will be another 200% left freely roaming the barn yard. By real numbers they have 9.7% signed up now, not 35% as USDA falsely, under oath, told Congress. If you removed the Indian "bribe" enrollments the USDA has about 4% of the US properties "volunteered." How sad the USDA has become? Every one should be so ashamed of this expensive dismal branch of the government.

Bribery is not always frugal when spending other people's money. In fact this project has wasted truck loads of tax money. The cost per person enrolled for NAIS property is a putrid fact. The sickest is Rhode Island with an expenditure of $169,520 and only 15 people surrendered. Alaskan farmers cost $3,083 each. California $708. Connecticut $1,994. Hawaii $1,085. Montana $1,452. New Mexico $695. Wyoming $1,119. Vermont $5,776. Those who spend other's money, in the case of NAIS, have had amateur supervision from USDA with the appearance of no remorse.

The Washington DC wealth distributors have given USDA a $138,000,000 property sign up budget and more is on the way. As the spread sheet shows, some $40 million is concealed. As a fungible issue this may involve homes in the islands, company planes or "ladies of the night."

We live in a day that bribes, campaign donations, and cooperative agreements are highly respected in nearly every association, tribe and government office. USDA uses subject's tax money to bribe universities and USDA outlets to demand specific performances. Few government offices have the courage to refuse a nice sweet bribe regardless of the smell of Machiavellianism.

NAIS is the farm issue of the hour. USDA has been to the vault to drink the Kool-Aid. You, the enforced ones, call your enforcers and remind them ---- an election is coming. Don't fund one penny to NAIS!! Stop this scam now!!

For more info www.naisSTINKS.com or [email protected]

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