Where is the end?

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Most foreign countries like china put up to 800 lbs of urea per acre. I've put on 500 lb / acre and it was fine. But after lots of testing, anything over 200lb for grass hay is a waste.
A lot of variables involved. The best way to figures is what your projected yeild is in tons. The percentage of protein. A ton of 10% protein hay has 200 pounds of protein. Pounds of protein divided by 6.25 will give you the nitrogen taken up. A ton of 10% protein hay has taken up 32 pounds of N. And there are some other losses in the process.
As per title of this thread. The end is when one starts to depend too much on chemical inputs that big companies keep jacking the price up on. 10 years ago here the price of 32 0 0 got to $700 per metric ton. At that time it cost $70 to make a ton.
Kenny I have attended 2 sales recently where we sell. The last was Tuesday. Prices are high here but not that high. And everywhere we go eating, feed store, social event many are talking about prices and what to do. Even those who have been in the business 50 years or more and rode our lows before are selling at least part or considering selling some. Eating yesterday a man who had planned too sell 90 head of cows this fall has decided too sell now and split the calves off. Talked too buyers and sellers at the sale. Everyone is a little nervous . We will continue too sell as we wean calves, ect. But keeping replacements unlike many. When our older killer cows are vribgung over $2,000.00 we can trade out and have a younger cow. Right or wrong the path we are taking for now
One bull last Friday in Staunton Va weighed 2050 and brought 2.01... several brought in the 1.80's.... Good cull cows were up to as high as 1.50's plus...
Have 3 more cull cows going to town and a couple of odd ball calves... one steer is on one of my 2 cull cows... she is a young cow, 3 rd lactation... open... and was behind the last time and went with the fall calving group to get bred back... and now open... No more chances... Other 2 cows are old, open, and limp a little... I am keeping the heifer calf off mine, don't know if son is keeping calf off his but I see no reason to.
Prices MAY hold for a year, and might drop in 3 months.... but it is time to really clean house... PLUS we are rather dry here... possible odd pop up shower in the next few days but no real "rain " in the forecast for another week... Would rather ship now... if it gets real dry, we will be glad of lower numbers... and if people get in a bad way with no grass, and hay so far has been light, we may be able to pick up some down the road... Have 20 heifers to breed now... more than we usually keep... so can replace some of the cows we have shipped, if they settle...

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