When to use molassas

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Scott L.,<p>Molassas is a convenient source of protein. It can be purchased in liquid or powdered form. I use a commercial liquid feed which is basicly molassas with some trace minerals added. Not all feed dealers will handle it but if you call around you should be able to find it. I keep my liquid feeders filled year round but the consumption drops drasticly when the grass is growing. I have not seen the powdered form used in several years but it can be fed alone or sprinkled on low quality hay to make it more palatable to the cow. 2 words of caution!! Some liquid feeds will contain uria which can be harmful to horses in large quantities. While the liquid feed does have trace minerals in it, the quantities are not sufficient for the cows need. You will still need to feed a mineral suppliment. Hope this will be of help to you. Others may have furthur information. Good Luck,<p>Mack<p><p><p> <p><p>: When should I put out molassas? Is that something I should keep out all year round? What exactly does it do? <p>
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Which is more economical, the tubs or the liquid feeders? Also, how are the liquid feeders filled? Does the feed store come out and fill them?
The liquid feeders are filled by a delivery truck from the feed store. I’ve never used tubs so I don’t have first hand experience with them. We used liquid feed for years but finally decided cake is more cost efficient.

Liquid feed has a couple of advantages in that you don’t have to be there and it takes enough time to lick the wheels that they don’t eat it all up in a few days. It will serve the purpose of supplementing their diet and it does make them eat that dry grass they would prefer to avoid. After they get all that syrup they decide the salad doesn’t look so bad.


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