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We live in NE Arkansas and have a 10 acre plot of wheat and oats that is now about 20" tall. We would like to know the best time to cut this crop in order to make good hay would be. All help would be appreciated.

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> don't know about wheat and oats mixed but oat hay is prime when the oat kernal is just at the milk stage. take a kernal and pop it with your fingernail it should squish with just a little milky juice
thanks, we planted @2bu.wheat&1bu.oats per acre. At this point nothing's 'headed' or made kernals. Maybe we're too early to be thinking about cutting and baling. Much thanks

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Might get lost in terminology but do you know what i'm talking about when the wheat and oats is in the boot stage? This is right before the head pops out of the sheath. If you cut it then you will avoid getting the beards on the wheat plants that can cause irritation to cows mouth and eyes. This is also when you will get the most protein out of the hay. Make sure you have the hay nitrate tested though as oats is more succeptable to higher nitrate levels than other plants.

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