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Dec 17, 2006
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Sometimes you get those days that make you forget all the bad stuff that happened for the year. After a 12 hour shift at our "real" jobs yesterday, the wife and I brought in the main herd, separated the bulls and butcher steers, and took the cows a couple miles up to new grass. Tonight after another 12 hour shift, we gathered the heifers and hauled them up to join the herd for the fall and winter, hauled the butcher steers off to a different pasture, and brought in a broken mouth cow to stay with the bulls. Didn't spill one animal in the whole process. Just thought I would share a positive (although rare) day or two with everyone. So here's wishing you all good days in your near future......may all your calves bring top dollar.
You've gotta love it when a plan comes together! What on earth is a Longustein? :???: Longhorn X Holstein?
Don't you just love those days when everything comes together. I have days where everything falls right into place, and then some of those that everything goes to Haydes in a handbasket.

The good days are great!
bigbull338":1bte4tt3 said:
gotta love those days working an moving cattle when everything goes right.

You've got that right!!! And boy oh boy do I appreciate those times!

Sunday night we were out in the pastures at 11:00 pm :eek: trying to figure out why we had a few cows and calves bawling the night away. Turned out a few calves got on the "wrong" side of the fence :roll: . Tried to get everyone back together (yeah right) and finally opened a gate to the "hill" where the calves were at and hoped for the best. (by morning all was well).

THEN on Monday all went right!! :banana: Had a guy show up to pick up a hog he was purchasing.....the guy shows up with 4 other guys with a rack on a truck, they built a ramp (I usually load right into a trailer) with materials and tools they brought with them, got in the pen,they loaded the hog, paid in cash and off they went. I LOVE it!! Then a friend wanted to get three of his calves sorted and penned to haul to the sale and 'wham' 1,2,3 the calves went right where we needed them no fuss no muss.

So yes, it is quite lovely when everything goes as planned. :)

yeah i went to load and move the bull, it went smooth BUT!!!!! on the other place one of my best young cows, who raised the 3rd heavies calf last year hurt her leg pretty bad at the hock swelled like crazy can't hardly walk. has a 6 month steer calf (never had a heifer) i hope she is not ruined. the bulls are together and wrestled for a while, the cow is in the pen and the calf is being weaned. part of farming good and bad.

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