When I get on a horse I feel.......

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When I get on a Horse I feel....

  • scared

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  • wonderful

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  • the need for speed

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  • like a cowboy/cowgirl

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  • like I want to get off

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  • none of the above I don't ride

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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Howdy! This is just a poll on how people feel when they get on a horse...sure it probably sounds stupid, but I thought it would be fun, because people can vote & they don't have to say who they are.

When I get on my horse I feel tall, powerful, and much more agile. I feel like I am having a quiet conversation with an old friend on my home turf. I am seeing through the eyes of another, and enjoying the view. I am where I was born to be.

When I get on any horse I am more at home than I am in my own home.
:D :heart:

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