When I buy cattle the most important thing is....

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When I buy cattle the most important thing is.....

  • price-$$$

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  • sex-heifer, steer, bull, cow

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  • breed/color-Hereford, Angus, Sim, Limo, Brahman, etc..

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  • the way it looks-confirmation

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  • the way it acts-gentle

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  • weight

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  • I don't buy cattle that much

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Comfirmation,confirmation,confirmation, reguardless of breed, and never buy for color(they are a pretty color), it can be a plus(Black), but confirmation is what it is about. I love shorthorns, they have nice faces, and the color are beautiful, but I raise Angus and there crosses..ALF...
I agree! Well as far as breed & confirmation they go hand in hand. You can't one without the other I say. Because you have to have an idea of what your looking for.
Ellie May
Other then gender, no other parts of the question are really a primary consideration. Conformation of a nut isn't a plus, disposition with poor EPDs isn't a plus. It's all balance, they have to have it all or they should be left to those that just want some kind of cow (steer/bull) just to have. Although conformation takes in a lot of ground it is still to a certain degree single trait selection.
After singling the issue to breed and gender, everything should be included when making selections.

#1 gentleness, # 2 conformation, # 3 what will cross best with my bulls so their calves will bring the most money when they go to market.
I think they are all pretty important, well maybe except color. You definately need to know what gender you want, should have it narrowed down to just a few different breeds, you sure don't want to over pay if it's not necessary and don't buy a nut case if you can help it!
I believe the number one thing to look for is disposition. Confirmation comes a distant second. I on't care how good lookin' the cattle looks...if she/he nuts...I will keep on walkin'...... A good rule of thumb (a silly one I know...) is to look for animals that is in good shape. The skinny, scrawny ones seems to be the nuttiest kind (for what reasons I don't know!).
I'm with done only sex is a real factor because you try to buy all around good cattle. You can't but on a single trait that's the same as breeding for a single trait it just don't work.
There is something missing from your list. Reputation of the seller is #1 for me. Whether I am buying breeding stock or feeder cattle, I want to know what kind of person I'm dealing with. I have seen decent looking cattle before that won't do the job.
I assume that the question was related to Beef cattle, to be used to produce BEEF, when I spoke of conformation. A fair price is a consideration,but good cattle,are worth good money. The sex of the cattle does not matter,you buy what you need. Breed is mostly desire, not really important. Never color unless you raise Black Angus. Always conformation, conformation,conformation....It is nice to have cattle you can manage but if Disposition is your number one concern you might as well raise sheep or those mini cows. The weight of a certain age animal is part of conformation , thus weight is part of conformation... I am not talking about the rules of The Show Ring, but quality of cattle,the uniformity of a certain breed. I personally do not like extremes I.E. Herefords- No Miniature- No Gaints but in both cases they have their on standards (conformation) .
All of these are areas to consider. we have an angus bull that doesn't look the greatest, but you can't find a better heifer maker. When we buy bulls or cows, I look at the epd's if you are buying purebred's

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