When does a drought become normality?

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Our area is in its 10th year of below average rainfall; drought; people keep saying the drought will break next year, or this year's gonna be a good season. All we need is a good season.

Well, we dont seem to be getting that good season and it makes you wonder. Maybe this isnt a drought, maybe its 'climate change' in action. I dont know, it just seems like below average rainfall has been the norm for several years. So when exactly do you quit saying its a drought and accept that maybe this is the way things are gonna be from now on?

Just my musing and rambling ...
I think you have to expect drought in a lot of areas, and accept that good rain is nice to have but not normal.

There are long term cycles in the weather. Ocean, jet streams, sun spots, whatever. They just predicted 20 years of colder winters for Minnesota. I am not sure if I can last that long.
Keren it always surprises me on how much the weather service says things that never come to pass.
Know what you are talking about. A drought is a long time weather affect that cannot be seen easily, so it is ignored. Where a hurricane or cyclone will last for a few days the droughts streatch into years.
Ours lasted 11 or 12 years. Our area still has not fully recovered.
Rather funny that one year we were hitting 100 degrees plus for days and the next year was colder then normal.
Just be patient it will swing the other way.
I luv herfrds":sklih2qe said:
Just be patient it will swing the other way.

Unless this is normal and the wetter weather was the anomoly
Good thought Keren. I feel sort of the same. We are having what is classed as a good season. It won't last long if we don't get follow up rain. Its been like that for the last 10+ years. You think you are on a roll. Then alas it goes 6 weeks without rain. Then you are back where you started or less.
Our only saving maybe that we are supposedly coming in to our wet season.

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