Wheat/rye pasture needed

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I have a couple of loads of premium ranch calves that need to be run on wheat pasture. These calves will come in healthy and should have exceptional gains. I am looking for an experienced producer with wheat or rye pasture that would be interested in contracting for the pasture. The pasture needs to be located in Oklahoma or Kansas. Texas may work depending on location. Under this arrangement, the producer will buy the calves from me at cost plus frieght. They will be responsible for care and feed until the calves reach 725-750 pounds. I will offer them a contract basis the March feeder cattle board that can be priced at their option anytime up to the delivery of the calves next spring. There will be some production criteria that must be met as these calves are going into a source verified supply chain. This opportunity can offer a cattleman with wheat or rye pasture the chance to lock in his profits on pasture before the calves get to his place or anytime between now and delivery. If you are interested in discussing this further please send me an email at the address above including a phone number and best time of day to reach you.

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