What's your Breed ?

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brangus, they handle the heat and insects well, great maternal instincts. you don't have too keep a donkey with em they take care of the predators on the own
I like Black Angus. :nod: They only eat when it's cool. :???: Will spend most of the day standing in the shade or water. So, they hardly eat anything. Still the calves will gain well and top the market every time. ;-) :cowboy:
mnmtranching":24zz4wzy said:
I like Black Angus. :nod: They only eat when it's cool. :???: Will spend most of the day standing in the shade or water. So, they hardly eat anything. Still the calves will gain well and top the market every time. ;-) :cowboy:
ive owned other breeds angus,hereford,simm. he!# they all stand in the shade if its hot enough, so will i
i raise reg beefmasters.i got into them because they are gentle an easy to handle.an they can take the texas heat.plus they raise big nice calves.
My favorite has been Beefmasters and I do still like them quite well. Although the Red Angus I have now are hard to beat; seems like they never lose any body conditioning, and raise some of the best Limflex calves I have ever seen. So I guess you could say I am partial to all three (Beefmaster, Red Angus, and Limflex)
As a hobby farmer (ie someone who doesn't know what they're doing) we like scottish highland cattle. They're low maintenance, disease resistant, excellent mothers and they survive on poor country foraging well. And of course aesthetically they're great to look at. If however we were commercial beef producers who relied on cattle for our livelihood we'd probibly go for a moderately framed british breed like murray grey, hereford or angus.

We have Tarentaise. Like that they are moderate on birth weights, moderate mature size, excellent udders and make great mother cows. ATA is a good assn, probably one of the smallest breed assns to be able to offer EPD's and has always been progressive. The flip side, not so many of them around as the "saturated" breeds and you might have to travel some to acquire new breeding stock.
I'm about 70% black angus and the rest are black baldies. I just like seeing them wearing those black leather jackets... They just look cool in the field. :lol2:
Not that I actually have a breed or two, but I do admit I am partial to Herefords, Shorthorns, and Red Angus. One because they're calm and two because they ain't black. ;-)
Murray Grey

moderate framed, easy fleshing, as the slogan goes:

great on grass



fantastic in feedlots




Longhorns.....Seemed to be the "Cowboy" breed when I was growing up. Probably because they were always featured in the old westerns, rodeo stock were mostly horned etc. Once I started researching their history, hardiness, many benefits and then started my herd. I was HOOKED. We have really enjoyed showing our cattle as well. :cboy:
Red Angus, because I've always liked them, they aren't black, and no one around me has any that they sell for breeding stock.
Scottish Highlands :D why? they are great to look at great mothers they don't need any protection animals as they it themselves, they raise a good calf, their are calm easy to work with, they don't go out of their way to cause trouble & they make great floor rugs I could go on but I won't don't want them to become too popular ;-)

Well, I own a Motley Crue......Three 1/2 Limo 1/2 Murray Grays, two black baldies, one Angus...all cows and one Shorthorn bull.
I would have to say Shorthorn, if I were breeding purebreds. I like them because you can find some on the milking side and on the beef side. Seems if you get a stronger milk line for cows and a strong beef line for bulls you have some real knock out calves that really put the weight on while nursing.
2nd favorite....Murray Gray for all the reasons Keren stated!
I stock what makes me money and crossbreeds do that for me and as you can tell I like three way crosses best.
I'm raising Black Angus because that's what the market wanted. I had planed on selling but haven't. The breeds i like best and will get some of some time are Red Brangus and also my very favorite are Gray Brahma crossed with Hereford for a tiger stripe mama and put them on whichever bull makes the best selling calf. Like Beefmasters and Longhorns too. Really like Simmental (the ones that aren't black) for extra milk.
Black Angus. 'Cause they bring extra $$$ a the sale barn and are a real good breed to have to raise good calves every year. Now, maybe not so level headed as other breeds, but still decent. :D I really love the Shorthorn or Hereford on Angus cross because the hybrid vigor is great and you get some added advantages and color. One more. LimFlex™. My new favorite breed. Those cattle just blow my doors off. Angus on Lim is a pretty solid breed. Now, if we get real complex, a Herf/Angus cow bred to a Lim bull for a black white face LimFlex calf is the bomb as far as I am concerned.