what's up with adds like this?

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Jan 23, 2015
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Florence tx
If you know me you know I'm not real tech savvy. I pretty much learned to use a computer and smartphones on this forum. Thanks to all who have helped.
Now tell me what's up with adds like this. Odd spelling , odd price, out of state phone. I had one response yesterday, lady says fourwheeler is in warehouse in north Dakota, she could ship free through her job. She wanted my name address and phone number. Said eBay would be contacting me. I got the image of someone in a motel room doing dope, surrounded by a bunch of computershttps://austin.craigslist.org/ ... 30252.html

They seem to pop-up on Craig's list daily
its a scam. The ebay deal is the main give away indicator. Ebay doesn't contact people directly...for anything unless there are police involved, and frequently not even then. If you're dealing with private sellers on craigslist, only deal locally.
And yesss, they pop up daily. Cars, trucks, boats, tractors, atvs.... Always seem too good to be true...almost new, yada yada, theyre shipping out, or have to move...etc. Item is never located where the ad is listed. Want to use paypal, or ebay for secure transaction.....
I see those scams on tri cites craigslist quite often. The price is always about a quarter what the item is worth. The dead giveaway is that it says that the item will be in Bristol or Kingsport, but there are palm trees in the background. There is not a palm tree within 300 miles of here.
Those ads are scams but I have a hard time figuring out how they manage to get folks to fall for something like that. Now I'm getting calls from "Rachael at Credit Card Services" that want to lower my credit card interest rate even though I have no credit card debit beyond one month. When you do get to speak to a real person and tell them you're on local, state and national no call lists they hang up only to call back the following week. The latest one is "The IRS is filling a law suit against you ….." It comes from a 444 area code which is not a listed area code in the US. I average about 3 calls a day on my land line and two or three calls a week on my cell.
Total scam.. best way to shut them up is to say you'll pay cash when it's delivered... since they can't deliver, they will give up

phone scams, I've lost my patience with.. I swear a blue streak at them until their ears bleed... I used to be a polite person to anyone who called, but the last few years have pushed me over the edge.. now I have revised my 'moral code'.. if I call them, I'm polite, if they call me, it's Jeckyl or Hyde, and a lot of that depends on if they're waking me up with their BS

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