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Bob Kinford

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Apr 10, 2005
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Van Horn, Texas
You'll make more moolah by letting it go to seed...😂🤣😂🤣
Only problem is most of the wild stuff is actually industrial grade (used for the oil and fiber) with no value to pot heads unless they are trying to lower the quality of what they are selling. Prior to being made illegal (thanks to Dupont, Mobil Oil, and Hearst pulp mills) hemp was one of the biggest crops we had. Mainly used for making rope.


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May 21, 2009
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Western KY
Not sure that's Cannabis, but looks similar. I stepped out back and took a quick look at some volunteer hemp plants in the barnlot... some have 5 leaflets, some 7... on the same branch.
IDK what THC level 'ditchweed' has, but 'legal' industrial CBD/floral hemp can only be 0.3% THC... that's three-tenths of one percent; it's NOTHING! Grew some in 2019 that went 'hot'... at 0.6% THC. 'Good' marijuana will run anywhere from 12-25% THC, but my understanding is you'd have a hard time selling the 10-12% stuff... You couldn't smoke enough hemp (or ditchweed, either, afaik) to get a buzz on... you'd suffocate first.
IF you were growing for recreational use (or legal CBD production), you do not want seeds - you want those female plants to flower and flower and flower without being fertilized... that's where the CBD and THC are - in those floral 'buds'... nobody wants the leaves. Male plants are rogued out as soon as you see them, whether growing for CBD or THC.
Fiber or grain hemp... yeah, you want pollenation, but fiber is all but worthless, and IDK a whole lot about grain, other than it's a harvest and drying nightmare... due to prolonged flowering period, all the seeds don't mature at once... early ones will be ripe and shattering off long before later ones are anywhere near ripe, so you have time harvest when most are ready, but you need to get them into a dryer within a couple hours of combining them, or they start going through a heat.

Even though we planted only female CBD clones in 2019, something must have 'hermed'... 'cuz we had a few seeds in floral buds from some late-maturing varieties, and I'm still eradicating 'volunteer' seedlings around the barnlot here when I see them; there were a ton of them in the planting fields last year, but I've not seen them out there this summer - plowdown last fall when planting covercrop rye/wheat/ryegrass may have eliminated them. The cows and horses totally ignore it, other than enjoying the shade from them in the afternoon - I've never seen them even take a nibble. Males just started flowering within the last week or two; I've cut down several around the barn in the last week.