What's the CDCB's involvement?

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Aug 24, 2017
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I do beef primarily but opportunities have come up for getting into Dairy.
At what point is data sent to the CDCB... yearly?
Do I feel out a form on the girls' production and mail it to them? What does that data submission look like?
Are all dairy cattle required to get their data run through the CDCB?


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Feb 20, 2011
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West Central Missouri
With a dairy, there are 4 DRPC's (Dairy Record Processing Centers. From those 4 DRPC's there are other member groups that work the those DRPC's. You can go to the CDCB website https://www.uscdcb.com/ . A herd enrolled in what is called DHI testing of which there are different programs and options. A herd is tested monthly and the data for milk weights, breedings, calving dates, dry off dates, cows sold are reported. The DRPC's process the information, sending information back to the producer with management reports, how the cows are producing, expected calving dates, etc.

Most farms use on-farm programs such as DairyComp, pcDart which are the most recognized and the herds management information can be accessed and submitted to the DRPC and then after the herd is tested updated information can be downloaded back into the program.

The data on a herd is then uploaded to the CDCB where the information is used in the genetic evaluations that are released 3 times a year April, August and December. It is important that the cows be properly identified by their sire and dam for the records to be used in the evaluations.

A dairy producer is not required to be on DHI test but many do. If you need more information you may also go to our website http://dairycattleregistry.com/