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Jul 6, 2009
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Odell, NC
My neighbor agreed to let me use 5 acres of his for hay and I was wondering what you guys/gals recommended for planting. I'm in central NC and I was thinking of some type of fescue mix. Right now the field is in standing oats and some other weeds that were never cut. I thought about hitting the pastures too while I had the drill hooked up. Let me know what ya' think.
I know people post this all the time, but talking to your local extension folks would be a good idea. They'll certainly know more about your area than those of us far from you.
And 5 acres doesn't sound like much hay to me.
Depends on how long you will have it. If just 1 year i would plant a winter annual like ryegrass. If i was going to have it for several years, fescue especially if you have heavy soil which suspect you have. You need a soil test to see if the ph will support anything.
This is just another five acres that is close to the house that I don't have to load up anything or drive 10 miles to. If everything goes right I'll be able to mow it for at least a few years, and I'm waiting on the soil sample to come back now.
If it has standing mature oats, I would probably just bushhog it and let the oats drop. They will probably replenish alot of the ground with their own seed. If I added anything to that, I would probably go with Annual ryegrass and crimson clover and/or arrowleaf clover.

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