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Hi everyone. I am a twelve year old girl and I LOVE HORSES! But anyways... I took lessons for two years. (riding lessons) and then I ahd to stop because my mom said that I had to pay for them since I have two other siblings and they thought it was unfair that my mom bought me riding lessons and they didn't get anything. I could not keep up with it so I had to stop. I love horses. I look on the internet for a horse all the time and I always end up falling in love with one and I show my mom and she always has the same thing to say..."We can't afford a horse". But I just have this craving for horses. And I have to feed that craving somehow. I have tried to see if I could work at some stables to see if I can exchange work for board but I can't because nobody around me can afford to do that. If anyone has any tips on how I can feed my cravings then please let me know. Thanks.

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