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hi, I'm 15 years old and a year ago I bought a 50% Gelbvieh 25% holstien and 25% simintal bred heifer and she was bred to gelbvieh and her bull calf didn't seem to have the muscle or frame that I wanted. Any suggestions on what I could bred her to? The cow is/was my junior show heifer, and is a moderate frame. Thanks for any help. Jane

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The Holstein will do a lot for making a rangy, tall, boney looking animal. Want to try a Limousin? Finer boned, leaner meat, and small at birth with a quick gain as soon as it is up moving around. I think Limousin would enhance the Gelbvieh/Simmental attributes of your heifer/cow's offspring.

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If she is moderate of frame breed her to an Angus(color your choice) bull. It will provied a lower birth weight and still give the calf good growth and meat quality.

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