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Aug 25, 2013
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I got one of these on a big canvas of our farm. It’s from 1980. Some things have changed but it is still recognizable.

When we bought the place 4 years ago it had been let go for 15 years prior. The big barn had 1/3 or more of the roof blown off, vines taking over most of it and one side about to fall off. We restored it structurally and it has a new roof now.

The house in the photo burned down at some point and there is just a nice yard now.

I just redid the lot around the two barns and put over 200 feet of 24” pipe in up the middle to take care of the drainage that went into it and regraded it because was in bad shape. Oh, I hauled out over 30 tons of ‘junk’ from this property as well. People come by and make comments about how we turned it around and one guy that used to live in that house as a kid tells me often how he is glad we saved that barn.

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Like the picture. Looks like they had a nice garden also.

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