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Aug 29, 2004
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Skiatook Oklahoma
I am leasing a small barn with some pens and 7 acre pasture. The pens around the barn are full of weeds. I am going to spray them, But I have few questions. 1) how long after I spray them until I can plant grass? 2) What type of grass (North eastern Oklahoma)? 3) should I plow the dead weeds under or mow them down then plow them under?
I will be useing the pens for Show cows to get some exercise during the day.
Thanks for answering
It would be helpful to know what type of weed you're talking about, what product you are thinking of spraying with, and whether you are talking about a warm season or cool season grass to plant.

I would be hesitant about spraying any weeds this late because most of them are probably already mature and hard to kill anyway. Not much bang for your buck spraying this late. But without knowing exactly what you've got, I'm just guessing and could be wrong. Anyway, I would consider shredding them instead of spraying. That would also solve your problem of how long to wait before planting.

Seems to me that it would be too late to try to establish a warm season grass, so I assume you are talking about a cool season. Talk to your county agent about a ryegrass/clover combination recommended for your area. Another possibility is one of the fescues with a clover, but I'm not too familiar with them. Maybe Dun or WO can help you out with that since they know a lot more about fescue and may be closer to you.
I would think discing up the field a couple of times and planting a winter rye grass would be good. It's late in the year for anything else.
Depending on what your weather conditions have been this year, spraying may or may not be affective. Aroiund here, now the pigweed responds pretty well, lambsquarter and ragweed really respond quickly. We're now into our second growth of thistles and they respnd almost within a day. If the weeds are just atarting to pollenize spraying will work fairly well. If they've set seed it's a waste of money to spray. If they haven't reached the pollen stage they'll respond best.
If you aren't soncerned wit6h a grazing ability I would use a less succulent type of grass. Juicey grass will stain and it can be a real joy trying to get it off. It will also give them the squirts and those tail swish stains are a blast too.
That said, maybe bluegrass or one of the lawn types of fescue. Low growing and will sod over to cut down on some of the mud/dirt situation.
Rather then plow I would disk the snot out of it, drag it to smooth it some then broadcast thr seed and roll it in.
If you're going to disk anyway, don't bother spraying. If you spray with something that will kill the roots, you have to wait a while for it to transmigrate to the roots, a week or two, sometimes a month.
If the weeds aren't real tall you can spray with roundup and seed a couple of days later, but you would probably be better off using a no-till drill in that situation.


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