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Mar 15, 2009
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So, I picked up a little calf last weekend at our local sale barn. All is going well. He did start to scour the next day but I was prepared and gave him Lactated Ringers. They made a world of difference! He was a totally different baby once he was rehydrated. What kind do you think it is? I am leaning towards Jersey, but he came in with a Guernsey, and Guernsey/Red Angus seems to be a popular cross right now. His red seems dark to me and he doesn't have the light band around his nose. Also, can you help me age him? He was 75 lbs when I picked him up. He has 8 teeth and his cord has been dry since I brought him home. I have been feeding him medicated feed which I realized has soy protein in it. He is doing okay on it, but would you all recommend I change him to something without soy? Lastly, I noticed a grape-sized lump lower down on his right neck, would this be from a vaccine, or possibly some sort of other injection? It is NOT a lymph node.
Thanks for your help, and sorry if these are dumb questions, we're new to this. But I'm thoroughly enjoying it! What better place to be at 5 in the AM, than the barn????
Luv4whippets":gvihiqrw said:

If he came in with a Guernsey you know it is at least part Guernsey. Red angus would be a good guess on the other side.

At a weekly sale, most calves like yours will be 7 days or less when you buy them.
Sorry, I wasn't very clear, the other calf he came in with was a Guernsey. Not sure what he came out of :)
Whatever he is he's a cutey.

If you are new to bottle feeding I suggest you do a search on here under bottle calves etc. tons of really helpful info. I also would get him on all milk replacer not soy.. The lump is most likely from a needle either a vaccine or antibiotic.

Goof luck..

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