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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
has been happening with CT? Was getting all kinds of strange messages and stuff and couldn't log on. I imagine somebody didn't get any sleep and possibly invented a few new slang words. Glad to see things are up and going again. Anyone know what happened or was it on my end?
:banana: :banana: :banana: Finally its running again. I kept checking it (yes, i have a problem) and the front page kept saying Happy New Year. The first time it made me go WTF?!?
I was gone and/or sick all weekend so I just saw this this morning. I stayed home from work today. I was wondering where all the threads that were on here had gone...
I kept getting a message saying a Trojan horse virus was attached, my friend who is a computer wizard took a look at the laptop and got the same message, he was trying all permutations on the thing, then tried it on his computer and got a different message, change the virus blocker on my laptop and I kept getting an error message, so e-mailed Macon twice once about the Trojan message then the error one, and he finally sent me an e-mail saying they had a problem, so I just kept trying and now finally it is back. thought I had lost you guys forever just glad it is all back to normal. :banana:
My laptop got hit with the trojan Thursday night. McAfee caught and quarantined it - "Obfuscated Script F". CT was unavailable for quite a while!

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