What do you know about corns?

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Jul 13, 2007
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Southern Illinois
I have a situation in my new cow that she has (I'm guessing) a corn between the toes of one of her back feet. Will this cause her problems? Appreciate any information you can give. Thanks!
Well, I did some further investigating and it is definately a corn between the claws of my cow's back right foot. Now, I read where some advise cutting it out, some say leave it alone unless it bothers them...

Here's the thing.. she's due to calve in early March.. it is currently not bothering her. I KNOW this is from her size...she's big. It was a funny situation but I had already bought her and someone else (considering buying her) posted a pic of her. Everyone on the boards said she was a nice cow... so I was was confident I'd made a good choice. Ultimately I was bitten by my inexperience or I'd have noticed that corn when I picked her up. Aside from everyone saying she looked nice, she has a KNOCKOUT disposition and is a good mother so I'm willing to deal with this corn. I'm going to breed her to smaller framed bulls with good feet but for now what do you suggest is my best plan of action? Thanks
Unless it's causing her to limp or affecting her gait I wouldn't worry about it. They can get inflamed at times depending on the type pasture, and condition of the ground that they are traveling on. Within a few days, or with assist from some anti-inflammatory it will usually subside.

A vet can remove it completely...along with the root and it "typically" won't return this way, but that cost around $100. You can cut across it yourself or have a hoof trimmer (if you use one) cut across the majority of it when he is trimming. He won't charge much at all to cut it back. It will grow back if you just have it cut though. I wouldn't cut it while it is inflammed, an be prepared it will bleed for a while.
I've seen a few... JMO, unless it's bothering her, leave it alone.

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