What bull to go with?

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Mar 21, 2017
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North Mississippi
Okay so I'm new(ish) on the boards so there may have already been a post similar to this. I am getting a few roping steers (longhorn/corriente) and there are some heifers mixed in with them. I don't just want some open heifers running around so I wanted to put a bull on them while I rope for a while and then sell both after I wean the calf off. My main question is what kind of bw could the heifers take? I know lh are easy calvers but I don't know as much as some of you may. righy now I have 2 beefmaster bulls. One is a son of sugar britches (I'll put a pic) and the other is a 3 year old from the painted tiger and soul man lines. The sugar britches bull throws pretty big calves and the other is lower. I also have a neighbor with a homo polled char bull I could use with average epd all the way across. I know the char would be best for knocking spots and horns off but again, mostly concerned with calving ease and he has bigger calves. They are pretty small framed heifers. Thanks in advance
Why not get you a cheap longhorn bull. That way you can rope the calves before you sell them .

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