What Breed Magazines do you read?

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  • Texas Longhorn Journal
    Texas Longhorn Breeders Association's Journal: "Trails"
    International Texas Longhorn Association's Journal: "Drover"
    Tennessee Walking Horse Association's Journal: "Voice"
    New Mexico Stockman
    Livestock Weekly

We advertise in each issue of all above except "Livestock Weekly"
gulf coast cattleman,it covers eared cattle ,brahman, F1 tigers, brangus beefmaster, simbrah,gerts etc. plus its fairly informative
Cattle Country
Canadian Cattlemen's magazine
Manitoba Co-operator's--a farm newspaper that covers alot of Agriculture
Cattle today

Hive lights...bees
Manitoba Beekeepers mag...bees
Manitoba Co-operator
Ontario Beef
Ontario Beef Farmer
Canadian Cattlemen's Magazine
Northwest Link
Canadian Hereford Digest

Used to get the Western Producer, but thought I could spend the subscription money more wisely on a few months worth of fuel instead. :cowboy:

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