What breed is she? - pics

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Jan 17, 2009
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New Zealand


Number 101. I have her breed ancestry back to her grandparents, bit doubtful tho...
And the little guys:

This is the heifer in the background

These weren't born on my farm - I bought them to milk a couple of open cows through the winter (one of which loooks as if she's carrying twins, I'm going to have to recheck her soon because she's due in nine weeks if so).
And then bred back to Jersey again, Knersie.
According to her ancestry she has one Holstein-Friesian great-grandparent (the database records her as pure Jersey, J14F2 being too subtle for it).

Typical Jerseys are in the background (first photo). She's a tall cow, close to the bigger crossbreds in height. I kinda hoped someone would pick Brown SwissxJersey, but if you two match up with what the database says - you're probably all three correct.
well i just got here.an i say she is a jersey swiss cross.an i thought that as soon as i looked at her pic.
TB - it's been illegal since July 06 to short-dock dairy cows in New Zealand (unless a vet docks an injured tail). All of the older cows I bought when I started share-milking in 06 are docked. It seems to have been more common in Taranaki than in the Waikato, maybe 50/50 nationwide before it was banned.
bigbull338":14hgpldi said:
well i just got here.an i say she is a jersey swiss cross.an i thought that as soon as i looked at her pic.

I thought the same thing. she sure does look like she's got Swiss in her somewhere.

TexasBred":3btbpkez said:
Is it common practice down there to dock the tails on all your cattle??

All of the parallel parlors dock tails, a few of the parabones do too. Haven't seen it in the herringbone or pass tyhrough barns.
So now we're back where we started.

Either a) 7 Jerseys and a Holstein-Friesian got together to produce a great-grand-daughter who phenotypically resembles something very different

or b) Phenotype throwback to something several generations back

or c) someone got a straw of semen mixed up, or mismatched a cow and calf.

I know 'c' happens, I've done it myself. I've no reason to think the farm I got 101 and her herdmates from ever had Brown Swiss, but it could have been in their technician's AB bank to use on another farm.
I usually mate 101 to Brown Swiss because she's one of the few Jerseys in the herd who looks capable of delivering a monsta calf, but I've always had the thought in the back of my mind that that's going to give me a 3/4 calf, not a first cross. No big deal either way... she hasn't held to AI the last two seasons.

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