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Murrymutt I see you like Moscato wine. A week ago I planted a 40 grape vine vineyard of 7 varieties of Muscat. You know those great big green grapes that tasted like honey and smelled like flowers you could buy at the store? Well, they had seeds so people were too lazy to spit out seeds and they weren't grown or sold anymore. I found a guy who's father put in a vineyard with every kind of table grape known to man, many that can no longer be found because they have seeds. He sells cuttings, basically dry dormant sticks that you root and grow. He shipped me some twigs. The flags are to mark the Muscat variety.
Some of these little vines already have grape flowers on them. I'm not a fan of seedless grapes. Basically, they all taste the same with no varietal difference. Remember Red Tokay, Black Ribier, Ladyfingers? If anyone wants to grow their own table grapes http://www.bunchgrapes.com/index.html
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