What are you eating today?

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Was that rice or grits in the last picture?
Sour cream

Mmmmmmm! Texas Roadhouse.

Clicks steakhouse Saturday. I've said it before. If your ever in Pawnee Oklahoma.
Clicks is the place to be!
That was one of the BEST filets I've had in quite some time. They also have a good salad bar with your meal. And a GIANT block of cheese after 3pm!
I didn't have too much..1.57 to be exact...1/2 a Pi. I didn't want to get a big circumference... which reminds me...

What do you get if your divide a cow's circumference by it's diameter?
a cow Pi..


Did you hear about the rancher that had 197 cows in his pasture? He decided to round them up and now he has 200.
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They look yummy.
My butcher cuts them like that as well. Well, kinda. You can tell the two of em take a half to do. Because half will be cut that way. The other half will be cut like "normal" , without the extra "rib" part.
I'd prefer em without the extra. It's always tough and chewy. Just as soon have it made to burger.

Those guys drive me a lil crazy, but other than that, they do a swell job!

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