What are you eating today?

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2 days ago.
Beercan chicken, but not with beer in the can. Some Caribbean jerk stuff and pineapple juice.

( I hate this grill tho. Who in right mind designs a smoker/ grill combo that the lid is an inch wider than the bottom on 3 sides, letting air in and heat/smoke out??)

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Some folks here will recognize this restaurant's name. I had the catfish, hushpuppies, fried okra and French fries, after my garden salad that was in that bowl at the top. Got tired of my own cooking....
Double post but not wasted....

Love broccoli cheese but my wife thinks is its the devil. Only when were out... and it's never as good as I can make. Makes me happily depressed.
Turkey, home made cranberry sauce, stuffing (had t make more, first didn't turn out great, wife insisted on making more), sweet potato custard (kinda like sweet potato pie w/o the crust and melted marshmallows on top), home made egg nog (w/bourbon). Had egg nog waffles and bacon for breakfast. Pumpkin pie here in a bit.

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