What Age Do Bulls Mature?

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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
my brahman calf is 10 months and a week old. today i noticed he was really looking at the heifer in the barn. at what age do brahman bulls start producing testosterone and are sexually mature? the heifer is leaving for a pasture next week so i dont think there will be any problems, but im just curious when hes gonna really start trying to get to the ladies.
I have a hereford bull that got into a pen of heifers and bred one. He was 9 months old she was 10. She is now due to calve in 30 days.
Get the heifer away from him if that is not the mating you want!!!!!
18-24 months is average for Brahmans but most breeders make sure the young bulls are separated from the herd by 15 months just in case.
Angus will take care of the girls at 7 mo. Keep them away from the girls, especially the young ones. Many producers turn them out at 12 to 15 mo.
He'll start getting "interested" at about 6 months, but we don't guarantee a breeding age bull (Brahman) until they are 16 - 18 months old.