What a weekend

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Jan 4, 2009
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North Mississippi
It all started early this morning [about 3 am] I woke up to lightening ,thunder,hail,wind,and rain lots of all...I had a little league game in baseball at 9 am..when i woke up a friend had text me and said it was canceled...So I got out of bed ate a sausage and biscuit and a neighbor called and said 2 of my calves were out..So i went and they had some how they had gotten in with his calves [the pastures are like 50 yards apart]..so i picked the ones that belonged to me out and every day when i feed them they hear the 4 wheeler and come running or when they hear the feed bucket..well they would not leave their "new herd' so i let them be and i will go back with a trailer and get them back when it dries up...Turns out they got out of where a corner post meets a chain link fence and wedged the chain link fence and squirmed their way out.. So me and my dad went and fixed it and as we were coming home one of my neighbors [the same neighbor that owns the pasture my cows got in] cows were out so i called him and he said he would get it... WHAT A DAY
My neighbor and his grandson came over to help me hook up my post hole digger. When they left the grandson did not hook the gate between our properties. The next morning Kathy went out to the hen house, she saw the calves were gone. They were easy to catch. When the calves see Kathy with her grain bucket they come running. Life is good on the farm.
calves love to get out when they can.the goodthing is most are easy to get back where they belong.

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