what a week

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holly heifer

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Nov 25, 2005
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:frowns: We had the feeder calves in the feed lot and a really nice heifer somehow got her
head through a gate and broke her neck . One of the cows had her calf in the water tank,I
managed to get it out and it is ok( It could not have been in there very long) :help: A 4 month old
calf has disappeared from the pasture----- we can not find it any where. :? We have just started
spring calving -- 40 head to go ( only 2 heifers :) ) The fun we our having! A 50 year old
woman and her 70 year old dad!!!!! :lol2:
Yep, days and weeks like that happen.

Hope mine are turning for the better. The cow that got her foot hung, jumping over a 5 ft corral fence, didn't break a leg before I got her cut out. I'll take that as getting better. :)
Sounds like Murphy's law is running wide open on your place. Hope next week is a complete turn a round for you.
Good luck,