What’s a good inexpensive rifle for coyotes?

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I have a Zastava M70 FS 243 that I sanded the checking from the forearm and slimmed and smoothed.
Also revamped the short bolt handle so I can operate with a one finger mitten and polished the bolt more
to my liking. I put a Nikon Monarch BDC 5 x 20 with a glare protector on top. Don't use a lot of ammo so I guess
I save money in that sense. Most anything up to 350 yards will stay put or close by. Had it shipped out of Prescott
a few years ago and can't remember what it cost. A bit heavy for a 'walk & carry' the way it is set up but I am beyond
that now anyway.
I thought there were laws against such horribly inhumane treatment of animals. What is the scientific name for buzzards that deserves such despicable treatment and what do they do to in your opinion deserve such treatment? The birds called buzzards where I live are Turkey Vultures and they don't do anything except clean up dead carcasses. That significantly helps keep diseases from spreading and they eat the carcasses so fast that the carcass doesn't get a chance to rot and stink.

I grew up on a cattle ranch and in the 20 some years that I lived on that ranch, the coyotes hunted mice, voles and ground squirrels right in among the cows and calves, but we never lost a single calf to coyotes, not one.
I have lost a calf this year and one 4-5 years ago I'm convinced we're killed by these turkey vultures/ buzzards . Warm body , limber joints with the black brethren having a feast with my momma cow trying her best to run them off .