Whaley Polled Herefords

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greenwillowhereford II

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Dec 9, 2007
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An Affair To Remember III Dec. 6. One of the most interesting lots IMO is the own daughter of Graystone Trustee out of a King Ten bred cow. This is a middle aged cow, and doesn't necessarily have terrific EPDs, but she looks good, and I'm intrigued by her genetic blend, which is actually similar to some of my own cows.
She sure is a tank isn't she? Her EPD's are not that out of line, Probally have a decent accuracy.
I wish they had photos of the couple PEARL daughters, I think lot 48-49 or close to that, She has caught my eye a time or 2 in catalogs photos, Id like to see if they compare. Our state sale and festivities will be going on at same time as sale.
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