Went to fix a toothache and got a headache

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Jan 10, 2005
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Had to go about 2 hours away from the farm today to the dentist. While I was gone one of my heifers broke an eybolt off one of the gates and 23 escaped onto a rarely traveled paved road. Neighbor called and said some black heifers had been spotted about 4 miles from the pasture where I keep mine. Anyway called a friend who rode over to take a look while I was on the way back from the doctor. Turns out they were mine and some idiot fellow was chasing them in his truck attempting to help them " find the hole they got out of". This guy had been driving them up and down the road for an hour or so.
I luckily had another place rented close by and my friend was able to get them to go in a gate there. Problem now is they are mixed up with about 50 cows. What a pain.
I'm convinced there is a 70 Mile Rule that cows HAVE to abide by. It seems whenever you are at least 70 miles away they MUST break out of the pasture and/or tear the water line from the trough. Glad you at least got them fenced and hope your 'helper' didn't make them too wild.
just be glad that you got them in another pasture.an not still out hunting them.sorting them is easier than having to hunt for them.