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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
On the Snake River. This was on the pool up stream from the Brownlee Dam. This is the up stream end of what becomes Hell's Canyon. Beautiful scenery and the river was flat as glass today. It was a good thing it was a beautiful day to enjoy the river because we never had a single nibble. Catfish and crappie. We could see them on the fish finder. Lots of them. But they just weren't biting.
I have fished the Snake for small mouth . My son was playing baseball at Washington St and my brother and I got a guide while we were there . Beautiful country !
This morning I drove over to my good trout fishing spot. I have done real good there in the past. 18-20 inch Rainbow Trout. But it just doesn't work if the wind is blowing. The forecast said winds light and variable. Well they were wrong. It was blowing. I fought it for an hour and said enough of this, I am out of here. Old picture from fishing there in the past. Nothing to take a picture of today.


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