Well this sucks,,not anymore woohoo!!!

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
Thank you for the help but I after three hours and running the fix repair disk at least 15 times I am back up and ready to go... :D :banana:

And yes , spell check and smilies are back. :cowboy:

I will have to take the LT in for a looks see but for now I am good to go..

Thanks again ... :tiphat: :wave:
IMO one-half the problem is VISTA! The other half is a LAPTOP!

They sold vista before it actually worked... Laptops (I guess) have those pressure-sensitive "keys" and not real typing type keys.

I'd take your laptop to a quality computer repair shop and have them download all of your own files to a CD or memory card. Then, if you have to toss the laptop at least you'll have your programs and data saved.

If you get another computer, see if you can find one that has Windows XP. I had to buy a new desktop earlier this year. An HP that came with Vista. I had my computer guy remove Vista and install Windows XP...he had the program disk for XP.

XP wasn't broken... However, Microsoft figured they could "improve" on XP...duh...then they sold the public a bill of goods on the alleged benefits of Vista...

Good luck with your computer problem!
hillsdown":ruv61ckb said:
Lap top just kicked the bucket. I went to a site and it froze, then my lap top restarted and now it goes to menu. I have tried last config and normal mode but it just goes back to menu where it says it had to shut down unexpectantly..

I am clueless, last time it did this it cost me 300 bucks to fix...
Anyone a computer wiz ?It is a gateway and is using vista.. :help:

Now I am using my PC in my office and I hate using it and I don't have spell check on it and the emoticons do not move either.. :(

"Please forgive typos and spelling , not my reg. computer"

HD, I'm not a computer wizard but you might first try cleaning it of all addware, the cache etc. This is easy. If that doesn't work then it could also be the motherboard going out. The Gateways have a bit of history with heat sink problems - some of the soldering goes bad around the posts. A good tech could re-solder them or just use screws. Otherwise, Gateway would just try to sell you a whole new motherboard in which case you might as well just buy a new laptop as the prices have come way down. Sorry I can't offer more.
What model is it?
hillsdown":2twugl8l said:
I have tried last config and normal mode but it just goes back to menu where it says it had to shut down unexpectantly..

I'm not a computer wiz but did it give you an option to reboot to "safe mode"? If it does, try it to see if it reboots. If it does, shut it down and see if it will reboot normaly.
1982Vett I tried all options, safe configure etc. nothing . But as I have changed my earlier post the disk "thingy" fixed it all eventually.. :lol2:

Goodness, I can not believe how computer STUPID I am.. :dunce: I can AI a cow ,run an IV, pull calves, prepare cows for flushing, run ground faults when doing hot wire fencing , install waterers, do oil changes ,and a lot of other things but I am so stupid when it comes to computers what the hay ???

Thanks again for all of your help.. :tiphat:
Glad you got it working again. I got a cold chill as my browser will lock up more than I would like. I get control back thru control/alt/delete function>>>end program function.

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