Well 2008 has been twice as nice on rain

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Sep 19, 2004
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It seems we are only about 14" down nearing Christmas.




We would be in the red area up North.

Maybe next year will be like 2004 or better.
Wewild, if I've figured out one thing, it's that the weather ain't gonna cooperate . We started off so wet that the crops were about a month behind, then about the first of July the rain stopped and it didn't rain again until September, then IKE came along and blew the corn flat .

I'm still hauling water to a farm with a pond on it that had never been dry ( hauling water in zero weather is not much fun :lol2: ) .

Maybe this year we'll have more normal weather, whatever that would be .

That looks very familar. :( We have been so bad in drought i dont think it could get any worse during the summer we cleaned out barns of 10-15 year old square bales we had no grass at all. I think we were close to 18 inches behind for the year we have had an good December so far and i hope it carrys over till 2009. I think farmers all have to become internally optimistic and just hope for a better 2009.
And here I was thinking the southern states were dry... I guess I'm mistaken, it isn't even possible for us to be down 14" of rain in a year, we only get 9 or 10
Nesikep: I assume you must irrigate? How does that work out pricewise? Must be a lot of extra work? Do you irrigate pasture?
In central Alberta we usually get around 15-16 inches of rain during the growing season...and who knows how much snow! Some years it can be pretty brutal. We can grow fairly decent crops though. The barley went slightly over 100 bu/acre, the canola a little over 50 bu/acre and first cut hay(alfalpha/timothy) around 2.5 tons acre(a cold dry spring). There is a bit of wheat grown but not much of anything else as we have a short growing season.

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