Weird question about bolts

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Feb 1, 2021
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Jonesborough, TN
I have a loader tractor that the loader bracket bolts into the cast iron axle support and transmission housing. I can not keep these bolts tight! I have tried loctite. There is no way I can tack weld the bolts (due to clearance). Anybody got any good ideas how to keep them tight?
loctite has different strength ratings for different size bolts. Are you using the right strength? if lock washers don't fix the problem either, you can make thin metal plates with a bendable tab to bend over one of the flats on the bolt head. a flange headed bolt head may work also.
3/4" bolts. 260 ft lbs + ( my small torque wrench maxes out at 260 and I can't get my big torque wrench in to the bolts). I used the loctite that does not require heat to break loose because I cannot use a torch due to bolt location. I had never heard of the nord lock washers. I ordered some today. Thank you. And thanks to all for the help.
It's likely your internal threads have worn due to the bolts loosening up and wiggling around. If the aforementioned washers don't do the job, I would pursue torqueing them as tight as I could and tacking the heads. If you can get a wrench/socket to the bolt head, I'd bet there's a way to get a welding rod in there.