Weighing calves thanx pdfangus

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May 9, 2004
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NW Oregon
Early in the calving season, 3 on the ground so far. But thanks to a post by pdfangus a while ago I do have a great method for weighing calves. This has been posted before but it's just so easy for one person I had to post it again. I have 2-5 foot long section of pipe that screw together, I drilled a hole and put an eye bolt about 2 foot down from one end. Tie the calf (as if I was pretending I was a calf roper :oops: ), stick the end of the pipe without the eye bolt in the ground, hang the scale from the eye bolt and lift the calf by the tie. The pipe is used for leverage with very little effort by me. I can tag and give shots and spray navels with the calf tied. What a great system, and another great piece of knowledge learned from this site.

Although, I did wait until the day after the last calf was born (about 24 hrs) to weigh and tag. An 84 lb bull calf. I thought I was wrestling a month old calf as strong as he was. I was glad I caught him while he was sleeping or he may still be running. Won't wait so long next time.

Just thought I would share.